Opportunity in the Midst of Adversity

The ministry has had a significant increase in conversations for the past two quarters. This article outlines one of the many reasons why this has happened.

Something interesting has happened over the past six months. As I have been walking or running through my neighborhood each day, more and more people are making eye contact. We are exchanging greetings and even striking up conversations. People I did not know well, or never met before, are slowly becoming friends. 

The pandemic has changed all our lives in many ways. Quarantining, social distancing and not being with others has weighed on our souls. God created us for relationship with Him and with one another. People need basic human interaction, and many are missing it. 

Community is not only good for our minds, but it is necessary for our health. There is a growing amount of research showing how dangerous and harmful loneliness is. One recent study claimed the impact of no human interaction is worse than smoking. 

We have seen this play out as the effects of the pandemic have carried on. More people are becoming depressed, worried, anxious and lonely. They are increasingly seeking out conversation in places they have never been leading more and more people to reach out to us for the first time. 

We have not only seen an increase in conversations with first time visitors, we are talking with more and more people with no real faith background or experience. What a blessing! We have never had more opportunities to share the true hope found only in Jesus Christ. 

2020 has been a year of heaviness. We have all experienced some type of loss, pain and hardship. It has also been a year of opportunity for those willing to share the Good News. We pray you will keep your eyes open to those willing to make contact, start a conversation and share with new friends. If you have not been planting seeds, then this may be the moment you have been waiting for and an opportunity for you to share the Gospel and change a life forever.