New Kingdom Partnership

Many people and organizations that are focused on sharing the Gospel around the world have been significantly impacted by the lockdown and are unable to operate as they normally would before the world changed. Fortunately, Need Him Global not only continued to operate but saw significantly more opportunities to share Jesus Christ. 

As we have mentioned, one of the unexpected blessings that came out of the pandemic is the number of new ministry and academic partnerships that materialized. One such partnership that resulted was with Time to Revive. This awesome ministry travels throughout the United States partnering with the local Church to inspire believers to obey the Great Commission and make disciples.

They are a feet-on-the-street ministry with a team of people and resources that empower believers to leave safe and familiar surroundings in order to walk by faith to share the Gospel in authentic and life-changing ways. However, their team was effectively grounded when shelter-in-place hit. Through our board and common friends, we were fortunate to connect with their leadership team.

Kyle Martin is their CEO and he shared what it meant to come together. “Need Him has been an incredible asset to Time to Revive. With our team not being able to interact like we typically would with people in person, Need Him provided a very timely platform for our team. Instead of being stagnant and not going to the streets, we had endless open doors to share about Jesus Christ online.” 

This was a wonderful opportunity for us to add passionate and experienced evangelists that would help us easily absorb the added conversation volume that has been growing throughout this year. The result was 65 of their staff members quickly having over 1000 conversations with people from all over the world. 

Kyle recently sent me an email that said, “God has utilized the resources of Need Him to help refine and equip our ministry to be more effective in sharing the love of Christ. And I believe this partnership has become a picture of what it could look for ministries all across this country when we function in the giftings the Lord has given us. We didn’t need to create anything and were able work together to advance the kingdom of God. All for His glory.”