More New Volunteers!

We have been sharing how our volunteer base has been growing dramatically this year. We have now seen more new volunteer applications this year than the total number we received for all of the previous two years combined. One such example of this is through our recent connection with the Evangelism team of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. The introductions came through a seminary professor we work with and some friends at the North American Mission Board. 

The KBC is working on a campaign where every household in the state of Kentucky will receive a small package in the mail later this summer. This Gospel for Every Home initiative will share what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It will also contain a web site with different resources including a list of local churches and a way to reach out with questions via online chat, text messaging or phone calls. Need Him Global will be partnering with them to provide the live response for those with questions.

As we gave them an overview of our training resources and Echo response system, they were excited to see how their team could become part of not only responding to their Kentucky audience but share the Gospel around the world. They have a goal for their internal team of 4000 Gospel conversations this year and quickly realized they could do that more effectively, efficiently and quickly in partnership with Need Him Global. 

The Evangelism leadership team started volunteering and they have now asked their entire staff to consider becoming part of our response team. We have already seen many complete the volunteer application and start taking conversations. Rob Patterson who leads their Evangelism team shared that “the training and resources available to Need Him volunteers are outstanding! I have personally benefited from my experiences.”

This is another example of kingdom partnership delivering both more opportunities to announce the Good News as well as more volunteers able to be part of our ministry team answering those conversations.