The Digital Witness

For over 25 years, Need Him Global has been on the front lines of culture meeting people in their struggles and offering a safe place to talk about Jesus. Offering this type of anonymous outlet encourages people to be honest and transparent. It also provides believers with a safe and low risk way to volunteer and easily share the Gospel despite all the fears the enemy throws at us.

We connect with people from over 200 different countries each year. This allows us to understand what people want to discuss as well as how they prefer to connect.  We believe that other faith-based organizations and people might benefit from knowing what we have learned. And since advancing the kingdom is part of our culture, we decided to launch a new blog site called The Digital Witness. Our hope for this is to simply share what we see and learn to enable and encourage others to share the Good News.

We will do this from two distinct perspectives. The first viewpoint is through the eyes of the ministry. We will share observations we gain through conversations with a hurting and broken world.  Think of it as cultural commentary with a biblical worldview. This allows us to share the hard questions, growing issues and trends we encounter as followers of Christ engaging those with a wide variety of backgrounds.

The second point of view is through the eyes of the volunteer evangelist. We have thousands of volunteers from all over the world giving their time to meet seekers and share Jesus. Most come without any special training but with a heart to share the Good News. They learn to meet people struggling through a myriad of different issues. They learn to listen with grace but also turn the conversation into how trusting Jesus Christ can change everything.

The goal is to share these observations and lessons in order to equip and encourage others to meet those struggling without the shock and surprise that has historically crippled so many conversations before they ever started. If we can help one believer meet one lost soul with love and grace, then we have succeeded.