Honest To God Love

As a ministry, we are blessed with passionate volunteers and a culture that allow us to partner with other ministries. We strive to remain on mission by only looking for new partners and campaigns that are truly focused on sharing Jesus without other competing objectives. This means there are some opportunities we pass on due to outside agendas that desire us to do something other than share the Gospel and lead people into healthy Christian community.

We are excited to announce a new ministry partner campaign that started last month. The campaign utilizes short video testimonies of lives radically changed by God’s love to encourage people struggling in similar ways. The campaign is called Honest to God Love and you can view the videos at www.honesttogodlove.org.

These videos are short and powerful stories of changed lives. It features people struggling with self-harm, anger, sexual abuse, anxiety, divorce, and homelessness. These stories are being shared on Instagram, TikTok and various social media platforms. They all point people searching for hope to chat with us.

We have already seen incredibly sweet connections with people that have been through similar seasons of life and feeling like no one could relate to them. Letting them share their experiences and meeting them in love has generated authentic connections. Praying for these damaged souls and sharing how Jesus sees their pain, loves them, and wants to be in their lives has been transforming for both seekers and volunteers.

We also appreciate that these difficult topics are not new for us. Last year we saw an increasing number of conversations on these topics especially self-harm, anger and anxiety. We ask you to join us in praying for these guests and our volunteers as we share how Jesus can change any life and no experience puts us beyond His love.