Meeting an Audience Where They Are

It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we have the best news of all time to share and all we need to do is put it out there for people to see and hear. Others believe fear and damnation will get attention and it must be dramatic. Christians have used many approaches over the past 2000 years with some producing fruit.

However, the world is certainly becoming more cynical about religion. God and faith are being painted as irrelevant or malleable. Culture is offering more and more biblically contrary messages including “define your own truth” and do whatever makes “you be you”.

We believe that listening is the best way to meet people with whom we want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what Need Him Global has offered for over 25 years. And one of the things we have been doing for the past several years is carefully categorizing each conversation by the topics the seeker discusses. In other words, why do they come to us for conversation and what is weighing most heavily on their hearts.

The goal of sharing Jesus remains but there are opportunities to refine how we invite, engage, and discuss how life with Jesus is different. It is the subtle difference between telling someone you have the answer and telling them you understand their pain and believe you have a way for them to live in hope and peace.

The mix of issues people are dealing with over the past three years is changing dramatically. You would be right to say the struggles are no different. However, the frequency of some issues is growing dramatically and the age of these dealing with them is altering in truly scary ways.

We all understand that children are getting connected to mobile devices at younger and younger ages. The content on those devices is more explicit and mature than at any time in history. Topics like depression, pornography, gender confusion and suicide are now regularly mentioned by kids that are not even teenagers.

Pray with us that we continue to draw the hurting and broken into conversation about Jesus Christ, and we find soft soil to plant the only seeds of hope and transformation that can change lives forever.