Welcome Newest Board Member

We are excited to introduce Chris Behrmann as the newest member of our Board of Directors. Chris has been in the biotech world for 24 years focused on sales. He also has been instrumental in creating the mission, vision, values and developing the culture for six different startup companies.  Through his various experiences, he found his passion to empower and develop people on a corporate and individual basis. 

This led to him starting his own consulting company. He loves encouraging others, planting a seed in their heart, and pointing them towards the unconditional love of Jesus.  Chris is married with two kids and lives in Charlotte, NC.  We asked him a few questions to help you get to know a little more about his heart.

What stuck out when you were introduced to Need Him Global?

What struck me the most was the ministry being available for people when they need help regardless of time or location.  There are so many hurting people who don’t truly know and understand the love of Jesus, they don’t have an authentic community to reach out to for encouragement and support, or they don’t want to share what they are struggling with because they are ashamed. Need Him Global provides a solution to those problems.

What led you to commit to serving on the board?

I hope to help others have their eyes opened just like I have had, and to help them find the treasure of Jesus.  Need Him answers the call of Jesus to love others and plant seeds that point to Him.  I wanted to come alongside the many people that are moving Need Him forward to point the weary and burdened to the only One who will give them true peace.  

What are your hopes for the ministry in the coming years?

My hope is to expand our reach to provide love and support to more and more people, as well as grow our partnerships to allow a greater number of volunteers to be available. I want to see more people experience the joy and love of the One that is always there and will never leave or forsake them.