The Patterson Center for Global Theological Innovation

One of the most significant changes in the ministry over the last five years has been the introduction of a formal internship program through the Resident Leadership Program (RLP). This has provided a more predictable and expanded response capability while offering practical evangelism training and experience to the next generation of church leaders.

We have seen over 80 seminarians from over a dozen different countries participate in the program and they have had more than 150,000 conversations. Our prayer has been to find a way to expand this even more and work with more educational institutions with an evangelical focus. Our desire is to see them include all their students in sharing the Gospel to people around the world and learning how to handle a diverse and challenging set of issues that go with such an opportunity.

We now have an opportunity to expand the program through our partnership with The Patterson Center for Global Theological Innovation. They help new seminaries get off the ground with accreditation and curriculum and have over 70 different seminary partnerships around the world.

This Fall, Need Him Global will be launching new partnerships with seminaries in Brazil, Argentina and the United Kingdom. Seminary students in these countries will utilize Echo in their native languages and speak with people seeking to learn more about Jesus Christ. We are grateful our missions overlap and we have an opportunity to assist one another in preparing more young people for bringing the Gospel to the world.

Kingdom partnerships allow things to happen that no organization can accomplish on their own. They don’t add up neatly or always make sense but the results remind us that when God comes first we get to see radical and amazing things happen for His glory. We are grateful He has brought this partnership about and is using our unique organizational talents to do something so much bigger than either one of us could accomplish alone.