If we look back a decade ago, Need Him Global was Need Him Ministries and almost exclusively focused on answering telephone calls from Christian radio. Media was changing as was the opportunity to use different technologies like online chat and text messaging to have conversations with people about Jesus Christ.

The ministry had started using different response tools to test online chat and other forms of technology. Unfortunately, all those systems were built around selling products and did not provide the basic needs of volunteers doing evangelism. We realized what we really needed, and every ministry doing online evangelism, was something that incorporated biblical resources and tools that make volunteers more efficient and effective at answering seeker questions and sharing the Good News.

This is when God connected Andre Dantzler and SociallyU with the ministry. Through cancelled flights, and nothing other than His sovereign providence, we started talking with Andre about this challenge and his desire to use technology to serve God. His team took the challenge of creating a system specifically designed for evangelism that would be flexible enough to handle all forms of communication in a single platform that was safe and easy to use for volunteers around the world. This was the genesis of our Echo Response Platform eight years ago.

Echo now handles online chat, text messaging, telephone calls, email and Facebook conversations in a secure integrated system. It is now the exclusive evangelism response tool for Need Him Global and other ministries around the world such as the Billy Graham Evangelical Organization and has over 2000 total active user accounts.

To give you some additional perspective on the scope and reach of Echo, we have included a few fun facts for you to consider.

  • The system now coordinates over 375,000 messages per week or more than 37 per minute every day.
  • We have exceeded 2.5 Million total conversations within Echo.
  • There are over 173,000 lines of code that operate the system with daily updates published in multiple languages.
  • The security for the system stopped over 12,000 attempts to hack or deny service in just the last year.

Andre and team have taken an idea and made it reality and continue to support its growth in a way beyond any normal business partnership. They have been instrumental in helping us employ the latest technologies and be better equipped to share the Gospel around the world. We are a different and more effective ministry due to their expertise and support.