DX Media Direct

Need Him Global has been blessed for over two decades to work with many partners that have helped us share the Gospel through different media. These have included Christian radio, newspapers, billboards, television and many others.

Almost a decade ago, a significant transformation started to take place. Traditional advertising was being impacted by new forms of media including satellite radio and the internet. The ministry was looking to reach those furthest from Christian community and wanted to go to the places where the Gospel was least expected. In 2010, God orchestrated a connection with DX Media Direct. They are a full-service Direct Response TV Advertising, Radio Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency with nearly 30 years experience.

DX Media also happens to be one of a few advertising firms in the country that specializes in remnant advertising inventory. Think of unsold commercial time about to go stale much like the specials at the supermarket. If someone does not buy them they get discarded. This “problem” is our opportunity as product is sold for pennies on the dollar before it expires. In 2010, they helped the ministry utilize this approach to purchase large amounts of commercial time on cable television for a fraction of the cost. This was the first time a Gospel campaign was seen on cable providers such as MTV, TBS, FX, SyFy and Comedy Channel.

Over the years, and as media consumption habits changed, we transitioned into new areas of advertising that deliver a greater number of conversations where we can share the one true source of hope found in Jesus. This has brought the ministry into places such as Pandora radio, Google search advertisements, and video campaigns on Facebook and Snap Chat. We recently had two similar ideas and DX Media helped us create content for both and set up a one week trial for each concept. They were able to help us buy the campaign on a per click basis, meaning the ministry only paid for those looking at our advertisement. After two weeks, we saw millions of people click on our advertisements with thousands following through to contact the ministry. We also found out very clearly which ad was stronger and produced a bigger return.

These are a few small examples of the ways DX Media has been an incredible partner to Need Him Global over the years. We thank God for their creativity, experience, and heart to see the Good News shared with as many as possible.