Anchored North

The world is always changing and this is especially true in how we get information, make decisions and even purchase goods. There is a concept called platform economics that has exploded the last several years and transformed multiple industries. A platform is a set of components or capabilities that can be shared with third parties. The idea is that those with unique capabilities within an ecosystem can bring together different organization types and accomplish more than any of them on their own. Think about organizations that bring distinct users together in a single place. Simple examples might include how HMO’s bring together doctors and patients or how travel web sites bring together travelers with airlines, hotels and rental car companies. Then we see the big examples like shoppers and Amazon or people needing a ride and Uber.

One of our key areas of strategic focus going forward is for the ministry to leverage the unique capabilities we have within the Christian ecosystem focused on evangelism.  Need Him Global has a unique platform of evangelism capabilities that include:

  • Diverse experience with creative media
  • Volunteer base to respond across multiple technologies
  • Response system to facilitate multiple conversation types around the world
  • History of training others to share online & growing future church leaders

Every new partner over the past several years is a result of them needing to tap into one or more of these capabilities. The latest partnership is with Anchored North and one we are very excited about. They are a Christian ministry that uses video tracts of powerful personal testimonies to reach the lost with the Gospel online. Their latest video on a woman that left a very active same sex lifestyle for God has been seen over 2.5 million times on Facebook alone.

Their Christ-centered videos have never included a follow up component and now we have partnered so they can include an invitation to talk with someone about what it means to know Jesus. Through a text link to Need Him Global on each video, and a chat link on their web site, they will now offer every viewer a place to have a safe conversation about their questions.

As they recently wrote to all their ministry supporters and fans, “this is the most invigorating partnership that has come along in our 5 years of ministry. We are SO EXCITED for the amazing opportunities it brings to minister to others.” They also invited these people to volunteer with Need Him Global and we already have received multiple volunteer applications through them. We look forward to the conversations that come from their videos and the lives that will be transformed for Christ through this partnership.