Reaching Every Generation

One of the beautiful and unique things about Need Him Global is that we talk with everyone. We speak with all ages, all countries, all faiths and people with all sorts of life issues. This creates a challenge in connecting with people that may have dramatically different life experiences, cultural upbringing and religious backgrounds. 

As these differences have grown more polarized and dramatic, we have focused more on helping volunteers appreciate generational differences and cultural contrasts. We want to assist them in recognizing the approach that will appeal to different people and how to best share the Gospel across all age spectrums.

We understand that each generation focuses on different issues and have varying perspectives. This is not unusual as younger people feeling misunderstood and unheard is not a new phenomenon. However, the contrast is growing more distinct and how we have a faith discussion, much less share the Gospel, with different age groups is becoming radically different. 

We see this generation gap growing each year. It matters because what resonates with one generation may be exactly the wrong way to earn trust with another. Quite simply, the conversation with someone over 60 years of age is so significantly different than one with a teen that you need a different roadmap to navigate into the Gospel. 

Let me be clear, the Gospel does not change. However, how you present it and generate appreciation is different for people depending on age, culture and background. This can be seen most easily for most of us in how younger generations look at life and the world differently. 

One fascinating element of our ministry is to watch how the Holy Spirit works through this. One conversation after another seems to result in the right volunteer connecting with the right seeker. Whether it is common age, shared past struggles, or similar faith backgrounds, we often see volunteers and guests with similar stories connect and “talk the same language”. Praise God for His grace and mercy in reaching all generations.