Resident Leadership Program

Resident Leadership Program Background and Eligibility

The Resident Leadership Program has been in existence since 2014 with over 100 graduates of the program. The ministry brings on a new class of Residents four times each year. The interview and starting dates are as follows:

Interviews                                                                Class Start Date
1st week of December                                             January 1st
1st week of March                                                    April 1st
1st week of June                                                       July 1st
1st week of Sept                                                       October 1st

The Resident will meet with the Program Lead each month to review conversations and set the monthly schedule. In addition. Residents will also be responsible for attending a Virtual Resident Forum (each semester) as well as scheduled Team Video Calls (two per semester).  Dates and Times to be Announced.

Resident Application Process

All applicants must complete and submit a Resident Application attached below in order to request an interview and consideration for the program.