What is your one question?

During our most recent campaign on Pandora radio, we started collecting the first message we received from each person. As we evaluated these responses to see what was trending, and how we might better equip volunteers, it became apparent that people want to ask God big questions. In fact, a large percentage of these messages were directed at God more than us and asked some incredibly difficult and personal questions.

We have all heard the cautionary advice about discussing politics and religion. However, the more we looked at these initial questions the more apparent it became that everyone has a question they want to ask God.

We searched a host of options and found the domain name 1Question4God was available and the ministry purchased it for only a few dollars. We then created a very simple web site that offered people the chance to share the one question they would ask God. They are also invited to talk with us about their question or learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The bottom of the site has a running scroll of actual questions we receive and you will note some hard and interesting topics. These run the spectrum and include personal issues like aborted children, forgiveness, deceased family and unanswered prayer.

As a ministry, we are constantly wrestling with the question of how do we break through to people that have turned their backs on church and religion. The challenge is that the current cultural climate wants to measure us on popularity, performance, and possessions. The prevailing narrative is inconsistent, if not hostile, towards the Gospel. But we are created for more than this. We all have that God-shaped hole in our hearts. And we all desire to know more about God.

We look forward to using this web site and some interesting invitations in various social media to generate interaction with those that do not normally engage in faith based conversations. We pray God will use this to draw the lost into a conversation about His Son, His glory and His grace.