What’s New

The ministry has always shown a willingness to adapt to the use of different media to reach those that are running from God and church. These changes in media have allowed us to reach the lost and hurting, especially younger generations. The transition to different types of media and messages has been a matter of necessity in order for the ministry to stay relevant and effectively reach those who do not know Jesus.

For over two decades, we have maintained the same mission statement – To intentionally present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, using all forms of media, and provide an opportunity to respond.

The board has been prayerfully considering whether it is time to simplify that mission. We want to stay true to what the ministry has been about while potentially changing it to something more memorable, simple and direct. We have in fact decided to do that.

The new mission statement is as follows:

Meeting the hurting and broken with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is the core of everything we do and it keeps the focus on conversations about what it means to know Jesus Christ. We will keep using innovative media and inviting all people to know the Good News. The same three foundational pillars of Announce the Gospel, Answer those that are seeking and Advance the kingdom remain in place.

One of the ways we plan to do more Announcing of the Gospel going forward is through more short videos. The world is changing how it consumes information. Younger people are using video more than at any time in history. It has created a constant desire to be connected and the fear of being left out is driving more young people to use social networking sites. The result is an explosion of video content. Here are a few facts to help put this into perspective.

of all online traffic is video

of people prefer videos under 60 seconds in length

500 Million
people watch video each day on Facebook

10 Billion
videos a day are watched on Snapchat

Over 1 Billion
YouTube users representing almost 1/3 of all web users

We have recently successfully tested several 15 second videos inviting people to talk about God. This area is changing rapidly but we see how campaigns on social media can be highly targeted and successfully generate large response for relatively smaller investments than traditional media.